LOST & FOUND - Personal Exhibition
13 - 27 Octobre // 
Galerie Beatrice Hodent de Broutelles
116, Rue de Grenelle, 75007, Paris
Design Patent 2011 
EUROPE • OHIM Registered Community Design 001244875

PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK, April 26, 2011 / PRNewswire / -- Designer Mascha Shumikina presents the debut of the “Oblik Skirt”, an original hybrid garment that dramatically blurs the line between the feminine skirt and the masculine trouser. A patented design inspired by the landscapes and poetry of the nomadic culture, it unites the essence of eastern conservatism with western freedom.
An innovative, hand-crafted design with a distinct silhouette of relaxed drape-constructed volume and body-conscious elements, the “Oblik Skirt” starts as trousers, runs down and unites to become a skirt. The unique structure and shape of the garment are more pronounced through the natural movements of the human body, gently unveiling and continually transforming with each step, evoking a sense of being simultaneously hidden and revealed. Full Version

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